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      I absolutly have fallen in love with all of  Sarah's books that I have read so far- and the ones I am reading now! She fasinates me because she writes about things that really happen- things we all go through in high school- or things we hear about in high school. Like in Lock and Key; Sarah used to live in a small yellow farm house with her husband (mentioned in video to the left). After she moved and went back a few years later she found the house was gone and a gated comunity was in it's place: Hence the idea of Lock and Key. I absolutly love her writing style and fall in love with all of her characters- oddly- even Rogerson (Dreamland, appearence in Lock and Key) has a place in my heart, what he went through eventually made him hurt the girl who loved him.

      Sarah Dessen is my favorite author- the first book I read was Just Listen (about 2 yrs ago) and I couldn't believe how powerful and inspiring it was. And also, on a completely different note,  did anyone notice there is also a yellow farm house on a back road in Dreamland???? If you read them all, you will find small conections like this hidden- which is another reason I love her books :) Someday I hope I can use my experiences mixed with my own imagination to write as inspriningly as she does.... :)




Sarah Dessen (Above)




Cover Plan for Along for the ride (Left) 

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